Sunday, January 4, 2009

Done in by a Donut

Okay - so a donut is not so bad.

DH took DS to pick up his horn from the repair shop (on the approved list) and to spend a Christmas GC at Best Buy (that's fine too - it's his money). He stopped at the grocery store for eggs and fruit (both approved) but the first not approved item of the month slipped through - a .70 donut for DS! So now we are .70 in the red. Oh well it could be worse.

I am tracking my expenses on a spreadsheet and learning about Google documents at the same time! You can follow along by clicking on the first link listed under My Blog List.

It's much easier not to spend if one doesn't leave ones house, and with all the snow and cold we are getting, that part is easy! No spending by me yet this year.

One of the assignments of the FTJ Bootcamp is to create a Net Worth Statement so you know exactly where you stand. I still need to work on this, which I should be able to do pretty easily with Microsoft Money. This shouldn't be too scarey, as we have worked hard to have no debt but our mortgage. Of course looking at our 401(k) balances will be frightning of course. I just don't want to know.

I actually have started using Wesabe as a much more user friendly real time way to keep tabs on my finances. I would recommend it if you are looking for a good online finance tool.

Here's to frugal living!

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Susie said...

70 cents isn't too bad! It could have been a lot worse.